Customising your newsletter archive

Now that you’re publishing your newsletters directly on your site, all your past issues will exist on your site without any copy and pasting or javascript snippets.

This lets you apply all your site’s SEO, subscription and advertising strategies directly to your newsletters.

In this article, we’ll look at how to customize the newsletter archive to ensure its design is inline with the rest of your site and optimise it for conversions

Change archive location

By default, your newsletter archive is located at However, if you wish to change the archive URL, it’s a simple process.

Just navigate to the Settings page and switch to the Additional tab. Then, type in the new archive name in the Custom URL slugs field. This is especially helpful if your site is in another language.

Custom URL slugs in Newsletter Glue settings

Additionally, you can also change the archive slug by giving it a specific category name. This will allow you to create different archives for different types of newsletters. For example, if you have both free and paid newsletters, you can create a free newsletter and assign it to the free category. This way, your free newsletter archive will be located at And your paid archive will be located at

To do this, create a new category and assign the newsletter to it. The URL for the newsletter archive will automatically update to reflect the new category name.

Select newsletter category

Email HTML or blog theme

You can display newsletters in your archive in two ways – as email HTML or as a blog post. 

Web view of newsletter

If you choose email HTML, the newsletter will be shown exactly as it appears in an inbox without any header, footer or theming.

Email html view of newsletter

However, we recommend displaying it as a blog post, as this option offers a range of customization possibilities. It allows you to use your theme blog template or create a specific newsletter template.

Blog post view of newsletter

Conclusion and best practices

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our quick start guide.

Before we go, here’s one quick tip for growing your subscribers via your archive:

Add a subscriber sign-up form to both your newsletter issues and your archive. This allows your website visitors to easily sign up, increasing the chances of gaining new subscribers.

Newsletter archive design example

This is the end of our Quick Start Guide. If you have any other questions, please check out our documentation or contact us.

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