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Book a call with Lesley Sim, co-founder of Newsletter Glue. We'll talk about:

  • Your current newsletter operations and goals.
  • Newsletter Glue and whether it's the right fit for you and your team. 

Lesley Sim

Co-founder of Newsletter Glue
and enthusiastic newsletter nerd.

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Is our enterprise plan right for you?

Our enterprise plan is for organisations with dedicated marketing or editorial teams working on multiple newsletters. Your team is already familiar with WordPress and the block editor, and want to use it for newsletters too.

You have an existing technical team that manages your WordPress set up and want a partner to work closely with your tech team to ensure Newsletter Glue is set up seamlessly and maintained without a hitch.

Why upgrade to enterprise?

12 hours or less first response times on weekdays. And 24 hour response times on weekends. We're also readily available on Slack Connect, which makes it easier to get in touch if your organisation works on Slack too.

Get unlimited licenses. No need to go through procurement every time you hit your license limit. Install Newsletter Glue on unlimited staging sites, multisite instances, subdomains and more.

Work with the responsive team that built Newsletter Glue. If you need hooks, filters or any other customisations, our professional services team is on hand.

We understand that moving your newsletters to Newsletter Glue might take some time. We'll provide you with everything you need to trial Newsletter Glue and set it up.

The standalone newsletter platforms won't stand a chance against a block-based CMS that can tap into any email delivery system.

Since Klaviyo has the right APIs for @NewsletterGlue, we're on our way to having an enterprise newsletter platform with subscriptions, contributions, and advertising on @WordPress.

Vinny Green

Previously COO,

Ready to get an enterprise-grade newsletter platform on WordPress?