About us

Meet the little team behind Newsletter Glue

About us

Meet the little team behind Newsletter Glue


Lesley Sim

Likes anchovies and aphorisms. Really likes Ultimate Frisbee and freediving. Does business and marketing stuff for Newsletter Glue.

Lives in Singapore.


Ahmed Fouad

I love shrimp more than anything else. When I’m not learning about and building with WordPress REST API + React, I walk and play football to keep fit and sane.

Lives in Egypt.

Founder's note

We created Newsletter Glue to simplify newsletter publishing so you can focus on writing.

If you write a newsletter, it’s probably because there’s a newsletter you love that inspired you to do so (mine was Dense Discovery).

You started because you, too, wanted to create something magical, and share your inspiration with others.

But then you quickly realised how much tech you had to deal with.

Not to mention the convoluted workflow you go through each time you publish a newsletter.


I can relate. This was my journey too.

I’m Lesley, btw, the person writing this. Hello!

As a writer of newsletters myself, I wanted a better way of working. And having spoken to dozens of fellow publishers, I know many of you feel similarly.

That’s why we, my co-founder Ahmed and I, created Newsletter Glue.

The plugin simplifies existing tools and workflows so us newsletter people can get back to what matters most — writing newsletters.

Newsletter people are our people. And Newsletter Glue is for us.

Lesley Sim

Co-founder Newsletter Glue

Our approach

What we care about most when building the plugin.

WordPress as a commons

Our plugin is just one of many, working interdependently to make your site and the ecosystem great.

Being useful

Our plugin makes it as easy as possible for you to get the job done. Then gets out of the way.

Actually helping

Our marketing and support sincerely try to help you.

"I fell in love with Newsletter Glue instantly for its ease of use and how well designed the elements are!

Not only have Lesley and Ahmed built a great plugin, they also understand the value of newsletters and publishing them on your WordPress site. Add to that the top-notch level of customer service and you can't beat it."

Kim Doyal

Content Marketer and Founder of Content Creators Planner

Content Creators Planner

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