Newsletter people are our people.

If you write a newsletter, it's probably because there's a newsletter you love that inspired you to do so (mine was Dense Discovery). 

You started because you, too, wanted to create something magical, and share your inspiration with others. 

But then you quickly realised how much tech you had to deal with.

Not to mention the convoluted workflow you go through each time you publish a newsletter.


I can relate. This was my journey too.

I'm Lesley, btw, the person writing this. Hello!

As a writer of newsletters myself, I wanted a better way of working. And having spoken to dozens of fellow publishers, I know many of you feel similarly.

That's why we, my co-founder Ahmed and I, created Newsletter Glue.

The plugin simplifies existing tools and workflows so us newsletter people can get back to what matters most — making magic.

Newsletter people are our people. And Newsletter Glue is for us.

Meet the little team behind Newsletter Glue.

Lesley Sim, Singapore

Likes anchovies and aphorisms. Really likes Ultimate Frisbee.

Ahmed Fouad, Egypt

I am a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.