Newsletter consulting and implementation services

Get up and running quickly and with peace of mind by working directly with the team that built Newsletter Glue.

Custom branded templates

Get a dependable, branded newsletter template to start publishing with Newsletter Glue quickly.

Starts from


  • Build custom branded email template
  • Heavily tested and optimised
  • Implementation guide
  • Video calls and Slack connect

Full service implementation

Hit the ground running with Newsletter Glue. Let us help you integrate your newsletter publishing perfectly into WordPress.

Starts from


  • Build custom branded email template
  • Heavily tested and optimised
  • Implementation guide
  • Video calls and Slack connect

You'll also get:

  • Train and onboard content team
  • Implement Newsletter Glue onto your site. Ensure there are no plugin or theme conflicts.
  • Work closely with your team to ensure Newsletter Glue fits into your existing publishing workflow.
  • Newsletter audit – We'll audit your existing newsletter and newsletter strategies, and provide you with proven design, growth, and monetisation tips.

We've spent thousands of hours working with publishing teams, email experts and professional newsletter writers. We're also lifelong WordPress professionals and know the ins and outs of complex WordPress sites.

Let us help you implement Newsletter Glue so that you can:

  • Hit the ground running with a faster newsletter publishing workflow. Save your editorial team hours every week.
  • Help them focus on writing quality content, not wrangle email code.
  • Consolidate your newsletter into your existing WordPress publishing workflow and system.
  • Get proven design, growth and monetisation strategies with our newsletter audit.
  • Apply your existing monetisation strategies into your newsletter.

Instead of doing it yourself, we'll help you:

  • Retrain your content team on the new workflow (even if it's one they're already familiar with in WordPress!)
  • Ensure Newsletter Glue works smoothly with your existing WordPress hosting, plugins and theme.
  • Build and test your email templates.

Work with the team that built Newsletter Glue, rather than an unverified vendor that may or may not be familiar with our codebase.

We have familiarity and relationships with the top WordPress plugin businesses, including membership, E-commerce, content restriction, SEO, caching plugins, and are able to ensure compatibility as far as possible.

What kind of organisation is this best for?

This is best for professional publications or newsrooms of any size with a team of editors, writers and managers.

You send multiple newsletters to thousands of subscribers and are looking for a streamlined publishing and editing workflow that helps you get the news out fast. You also value easy-to-build, flexible templates, which your non-technical writers and editors are able to create and modify on their own.

You need a partner who can onboard your team and work with you to establish your new publishing workflow and get it up and running.

How it works

  1. Fill out the contact form below.
  2. We'll get in touch and set up a video call to learn more about your business and newsletter goals.
  3. We'll work together to determine the scope of work and cost.
  4. Work begins!

Bringing @klaviyo to @WordPress is going to change the game.

The standalone newsletter platforms won't stand a chance against a block-based CMS that can tap into any email delivery system.

Since Klaviyo has the right APIs for @NewsletterGlue, we're on our way to having an enterprise newsletter platform with subscriptions, contributions, and advertising on @WordPress .

Vinny Green


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