Let's celebrate GiveWP together.

GiveWP is an awesome company worth celebrating, but you already know that or you wouldn't be here. 😉

To support our friends at GiveWP and celebrate their 100k users, we're giving away 5 free licenses to Newsletter Glue Pro.

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What's Newsletter Glue Pro?

In case you aren't already familiar with us, here's who we help and how:

Newsletter Glue is for serious online writers.

Either you're a blogger who wants a newsletter...

Or you're a newsletter writer looking for a more permanent home for your emails.

Or maybe you already do both and find yourself hopping back and forth between your email service and WordPress.

Save hours and bring all your online writing under one WordPress roof.

  • Better publishing experience: Build and send newsletters in the WordPress block editor instead of your email newsletter builder.
  • Native newsletter archive: Newsletters are written as new posts. This means your blog archive is your newsletter archive.
  • Professional-looking newsletters in a tenth of the time: Our pro blocks let you create author bylines, reading times, weekly roundup newsletters in seconds, not hours.

Ready to redeem your free license?

  • Limited to 1 license per user
  • License valid for 2 years
5/5 licenses redeemed