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Best WordPress themes for writers and authors

Are you looking for a minimal and responsive WordPress theme for writers?

Websites for writers and authors should be well-designed and easy to navigate. The content should be the focus, and the design should support that.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best WordPress themes for writers that are clean and minimal and feature beautiful typography.

What to look out for when choosing a WordPress theme for writers

There are literally tons of themes available on the WordPress theme directory. It can be confusing when you go looking for a theme that fulfills all your requirements. So, how do you choose the right theme?

If you’re a writer, there are a few key things you’ll want to look for in a WordPress theme. They are:

A clean and simple design

When it comes to author websites, you want your readers to be able to focus on your content rather than be distracted by flashy design elements. Minimalist themes are often a good choice for writers as they tend to put the focus on your content. The theme should have an appealing color scheme, a responsive design, and numerous blog layout options.

Elegant typography

The typography of your theme is important for making your content easy to read. You should look for themes that have good default fonts and give you the option to change the fonts if you want to. The theme should also allow you to change the font weight, line height, and other settings.

Performance optimized

Your website’s loading speed is important for both your readers and for search engines. You should look for themes that are performance-optimized and have been tested to pass the Core Web Vitals test.

Search engine optimized

A good WordPress theme for writers should also be search engine optimized to help your content rank well in search engines. It should have clean code and be easy to integrate with popular SEO plugins to help your content be seen by more people.

These are just a few of the things you should look for when choosing a WordPress theme for your author website or blog. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find a theme that will help you create a beautiful and successful website.

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7 Best WordPress themes for writers & authors

There are a number of WordPress themes that are specifically designed for writers. Most of the themes we mentioned below are free, while some have a paid version. 

1. Wabi


Wabi combines clean typography, beautiful color scheme, and minimalism into a single package to deliver everything you expect from an ideal WordPress theme for writers.

It offers a very clean look with a major focus on the content. It is a full site editing theme, which means that you can design every part of the website such as header, footer, single post using the WordPress block editor. Wabi is designed specifically for writers, authors, and publishers that want to tell a story with clean lines and beautiful typography.

Key features

  • Dynamic accent color system for featured image.
  • Multiple style variants at your fingertips.
  • No sidebar single posts template to have the focus on the content.
  •  Beautiful block patterns that you can add to a page whenever needed.
Wabi accent color change


Wabi is a completely free theme that anyone can download from the WordPress theme directory.

2. Aino

aino block theme

Aino is another FSE WordPress theme that’s bold, versatile and comes with a clean design. It is designed to work with the Aino Blocks plugin which provides users with virtually limitless design options.

The theme includes 40 block patterns such as hero, portfolio, team, features, and more, and the developer is constantly adding new patterns.

You can also use it to make your portfolio or personal blog and stand out from the crowd.

Key features

  • Global styles to customize fonts and colors on a global level from a single screen.
  • Bold fonts that makes the text easier to read.
  • FSE theme templates to customize the theme in any way you want.
  •  Great attention to detail in patterns.
aino theme block patterns


The Aino Theme and the block plugin are both completely free. If you like the design, a premium plan with more professional-looking designs is available.

3. Twenty Twenty Two

twenty twenty two

If you’re looking for a simple theme with minimal design, the default WordPress Twenty Twenty Two theme is a great option. It offers a nature-inspired color palette and solid typography options to give your writing a unique look.

In addition to a wide range of patterns, the Twenty Twenty Two theme includes six pre-designed color palettes for quickly changing the look of the entire website.

Key features

  • Developed by the core WordPress team.
  • 64 different patterns that covers different section of the website.
  • Apply styles on a global level through the FSE editor.
Twenty Twenty two style variation


Twenty Twenty Two is a free theme that is included with every new installation post the launch of WordPress 5.9.

4. Frost

frostwp theme

Frost is a simple and responsive theme by Brian Gardner and Nick Diego which was recently acquired by WP Engine and made free for everyone.

The theme is designed in black and white color, with a focus on typography and plenty of white space around the content. 

Key features

  • An extensive pattern library.
  • User friendly and optimized layout.
  • Easy to use and customize with FSE.
frostwp block patterns


WP Engine acquired Forst and made it a free theme. It is available to download from its own website.

5. Livro

livro theme

Livro is a minimalistic WordPress theme designed for writers and storytellers. It has a clean design that evokes the calm feeling of book pages. It is a fast-loading theme with no fancy design options.

The theme uses a dark background with white font to provide an easier-on-the-eyes reading experience. It’s a perfect theme for authors and publishers who publish long form content. 

It is developed by Automattic, the team behind and popular plugins such as Jetpack and Akismet.

Key features

  • Fast-loading theme with no fancy design options.
  • Gives comfortable and immersive reading experience with the dark theme.
  • Uses FSE to customize the theme sections.
Livro theme on the front end


Livro is a completely free theme available to download from the WordPress theme directory.

6. GeneratePress

generatepress theme

GeneratePress is a popular WordPress multipurpose theme known for its speed and lightweight design. It is also a highly customizable theme, making it a good choice for writers and authors who want to create a unique website.

The theme includes a number of features that are particularly well-suited for writers, such as multiple layout options, a widgetized homepage, and support for different blog post formats. 

Key features

  • Very lightweight theme with plenty of customization options.
  • Theme customizer panel allows for layout, color, and typography customization.
  • Integrates with most of the popular page builders and plugins.
GeneratePress theme customizer


GeneratePress has a free option to available on the If you’re looking for more customization options, you can get the Pro version for $59/year from its website.

7. Blocksy

blocksy theme

Blocksy is a fantasic theme for bloggers and writers that has a modern design and come a wide range of options for customization. This is a slightly different theme than the others on this list because it offers more customization options.

The modern design of the theme puts your content in the spotlight, and the easy-to-use customization options let you change the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks. It integrates with Google Fonts, allowing you to choose from hundreds of fonts.

Key features

  • Plenty of customization options to make your website standout.
  • Choose from a pack of color pallette to instantly change the look of website.
  • Multiple layout options.
Blocksy global color


Blocksy is available as a free theme on which has more than enough features for writer and authors. If you want more features, you can purchase the Pro version from its website.

That’s it. This concludes our pick of the best WordPress themes for writers and authors.

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Wrapping up: The best WordPress theme for writers and authors

As a writer or author, it’s important to have a WordPress theme that is clean, simple, and one that makes reading the content easy.

If you’re looking for such a theme, this article lists the best 7 themes that are specifically designed with beautiful typography and clean design.

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