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Own or Rent? Build your own paid newsletter platform on WordPress

If you're serious about your paid newsletter business – own your publishing platform; don't rent somebody else's. 

A 4-step guide to building a paid newsletter platform.

Connect the pieces to build your publishing empire.

Successful paid newsletters like Stratechery and A Media Operator run their businesses on WordPress.

Learn what pieces you need and how to connect them in order to build a paid newsletter empire that matches theirs.

Requirements and Costs

To start, here's an honest look at all the software you'll need to set a paid newsletter up, along with an estimate of how much it all costs.

  • Memberful: $25/month + 4.9% transaction fee
  • Stripe: ~2.9% transaction fee + $0.30
  • Newsletter Glue: $89/year
  • WordPress hosting: ~$5-10/month
  • Mailchimp/MailerLite/Campaign Monitor: Starts from $10

Total: ~$50/month

Note: Everything has a basic free version (except WordPress hosting). So initial set up is closer to $5.

4 steps to setting up your paid newsletter.

step 1

Set up a subscription plan with Memberful

Lay the foundations so that subscribers can start paying you for your newsletter.

Reading time: 5 minutes

step 2

Connect Memberful with WordPress

Activate the Memberful plugin. Add purchase buttons and customer accounts.


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