Focus on writing your newsletter. Leave the fiddly tech stuff to us.

Newsletter Glue connects your email service to WordPress so you can publish newsletters the way you publish blog posts.

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Here's a real time video showing you how fast and simple it is to send a newsletter 👇

write faster and more easily

You already blog in WordPress, why switch platforms for newsletters? Streamline your work. Write your newsletters in WP too.

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Why hide your hard work in subscribers' inboxes? Help new subscribers find you. Publish your newsletters online.

14-day money back guarantee

Connects to: 

I'm impressed beyond belief.

This is going to change the way people write newsletters.

Founder and writer of


Connect your
email service

Just once at the start.

Works with: Mailchimp, MailerLite, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and Sendy.

Write in the block editor

Like a blog post.

Use our pro blocks to customise your newsletter.

Send your newsletter

Simply by publishing your post.

14-day money back guarantee

1. Connect your
email service

Just once at the start.

Works with: Mailchimp, MailerLite, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor.
(more soon...)

2. Write in the block editor

Like a blog post.

Use our pro blocks to customise your newsletter.

3. Send your newsletter

Simply by publishing your post.

I really like the simplicity of Newsletter Glue and how it's naturally integrated into the block editor.

Also, easy setup!

Jordan Hopkins
Creator and writer of Scripture Sauce

Watch a walk-through of our plugin

  • Quick tour of features
  • Build a newsletter pattern from scratch
  • Write a newsletter in our newsletter editor

Cultivate an online home for your newsletter.

Each newsletter issue is a blog post. So it's Google-friendly and published directly on your own website.

Publish a professional newsletter without code.

Drag and drop newsletter blocks, create templates and more with Newsletter Glue.

Write in the Gutenberg block editor.

It's a more powerful editor than your regular email platform.

Build your own publishing stack.

Customise your setup. Own your subscriber lists and data.

14-day money back guarantee

Just write and send. It’s so easy!

Newsletter Glue takes care of all the smartypants stuff is in the background so I can focus on what is important — delivering value for my readers.

Frank Meeuwsen
Curator and creator of Thanks For Subscribing

See how it looks in your:

Newsletter logo

Customise your logo and more in our Newsletter Theme Designer.


Author byline

Share your byline and get more followers. 

Show/hide content

Hide the rest of the post from your newsletter.


Callout cards

Design specific sections to help them stand out.

Straight from Gmail.

This is exactly what your subscribers will see in their inboxes.

Newsletter Glue demo

Show/hide content

The full post is shown on your blog, but hidden from your newsletter.

Notice the "Read more..." button does not show up on the blog.


Subscriber form

Get more subscribers with our form block.

Select a list/segment for these new subscribers.

Customise the style of your form.

Shown here with the default 2020 theme.

Your layout will depend on your blog's theme.


Author byline

Just create once and never worry about it again.

If your info changes, update it inside the reusable block to  automatically update it everywhere this block has been used.

Show/hide content

Set up a 'Read more' button once, then make sure to link it to the right post each time.


Subscriber form

Set up in seconds, and collect new subscribers forever.


Callout cards

Create a recurring feature or footer for each newsletter.

Start each newsletter with a template for speed and consistency.

Create your own template using Gutenberg's reusable blocks. Convert to regular block and begin writing.

14-day money back guarantee

What people say about us

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars on the WordPress plugin directory.

I’ve been looking to replicate what Substack does on WordPress. This plugin was the answer! Thank you.

Justin Jackson

Co-founder of

You will send newsletters again or… send more newsletters because this is really EASY to use.

Jérôme Montagne


Well-executed plugin that provides a simple solution for sending posts as newsletters to your subscribers. 

Nathan Ingram

Founder Advance Coaching

When you’re getting ready to post your new article, just click on the checkbox to send that post out to list and you’re golden. Couldn’t be easier. 

I’ve already implemented their plugin on a couple of sites now. You even get some styling control over how your post is going to look as email. All in all, I’m a big fan of Newsletter Glue.

Remkus de Vries

Team Servebolt, WordCamp EU and NL co-founder, and contributor

@NewsletterGlue is awesome! If you're a WordPress user, sending newsletters is as simple as writing an article. Just send newsletters directly from your WordPress dashboard. 😀

Antonio Cambronero

Creator of

This is wonderful! I created a new entry for #WordPress, connected @NewsletterGlue with @Mailchimp and I hit "send" 👏 Email marketing made easy! 🚀

David Nichols

Creator The Land of Random

It’s saving my team plenty of time, not having to construct an email separately. Newsletter Glue has been really responsive to support requests. Thank you!

Susan Hayse

Founder of Milkweed Web

14-day money back guarantee

Have questions? Get honest answers and alternatives to some of your concerns.

How are emails sent?

All emails (including test emails) are sent via your email service provider (like Mailchimp, MailerLite, etc). We connect to them via API key.

MailerLite is an exception: Actual email campaigns are sent by MailerLite. Test emails are sent by WordPress as MailerLite doesn't have this feature in their APIs yet.

What if I don't use Mailchimp, MailerLite, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Sendy or Campaign Monitor?

We're in the process of integrating other email service providers (ESP).

If there's an ESP you'd like us to integrate, just drop us an email

I use ConvertKit/Email Octopus, will you be connecting to them?

These email service providers are very popular and highly requested. Unfortunately, their APIs don't allow us to connect to them in the way we need to right now.

The moment this changes, we will get to work and connect to them!

Why not use SendGrid or Amazon SES, instead of connecting to an external email service provider?

There's a lot more to email service providers (ESPs) than sending emails.

There's subscriber maintenance, tagging, scheduling, automation, sequences and more. Building an entire ESP inside WordPress isn't our focus right now.

If that's what you're looking for, MailPoet is an amazing option.

Can I send emails to specific lists/segments?

Yes, you can.

Set a default list to send newsletters to during onboarding. This can be changed inside the post editor for every post.

Can I set up a members-only newsletter with restricted content?

Glad you asked! We're launching these features early next year.

But in the mean time, you can use Paid Member Subscriptions or Paid Memberships Pro to set up your memberships.

You'll also need to set up a corresponding tag inside Mailchimp for your paid members. 

When it's time to publish, just select the right tag and send.

What if I'm already comfortable with my current publishing workflow?

Then you should continue! 🙂 Newsletter Glue is for people who want to make use of the powerful WordPress block editor.

It's also for people who want to simplify their workflow and stop jumping between platforms just to send a post to subscribers.

Can I view emails before publishing? Can I send test emails?

Yes. You can send test emails to yourself before publishing.

Can I email a post that's already been published?

Yes. Posts can be sent multiple times. 

Simply check the Send as newsletter box and it will be sent when you Update your post. 

You'll want to be very careful when doing so, or risk sending the same email to subscribers multiple times.

  • Publish newsletters directly to your site and get SEO-friendly newsletters.
  • Streamline your newsletter workflow and save hours.
  • No migration needed. Connect with your existing email platforms.

Create and send your first newsletter in minutes.